Islander - Citronella Park Planter Patio Lantern
Islander - Citronella Park Planter Patio Lantern

Islander - Citronella Park Planter Patio Lantern

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Outdoor Citronella Park Planter Patio Lantern
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85" tall, 21" diameter planter base

Spend your evenings relaxing or entertaining on your deck, patio, or in your garden with the special atmosphere created by Patio citronella oil flame lanterns. The charming style of these citronella flame lanterns is reminiscent of 19th century gas street lamp with the modern quality and efficiency. Easy to fill containers use standard lamp oil or citronella torch fuel to repel insects. A single 16 oz. filling of citronella or lamp oil lights an entire evening (over 10 hours). Easy to fill...just unscrew the oil container from the lantern body, fill and replace. All have lifetime fiberglass wicks.
Patio citronella oil flame lanterns are made of weather resistant materials, powder coated aluminum, UV protected polyethylene and stainless steel fasteners to protect against rust and air corrosion.

Choose from two styles, "patio lantern" or "planter lantern." Available in texture black finish. The "Patio Base" style comes with a 22" diameter weighted base which can easily be filled with up to 40 lbs of sand for added stability in windy environments. The "planter lantern" relies on soil for its base weight.

Great care should be taken with all light fittings. When using lanterns, be aware of the dangers of open flame, especially near closing, awnings and tents. Site oil lanterns in open spaces and do not use them if there are young children around.

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