3 Wheel Push Cart - 11.5 CFT

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3 Wheel Utility Push Cart 11.5 cubic foot
3 Wheel Push Cart - 11.5 CFT
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Tire and wheel options:
  • Pneumatic Rib tires are our largest seller because they roll easily, provide cushion and are the most economical option.
  • Rib with Tube provide some additional puncture resistance.
  • Pneumatic Knobby tires are similar to the Rib tire but have more tread so it should provide more traction on sloping areas.
  • Pneumatic Bicycle tires come on spoke wheels and are very attractive. They roll easily and provide excellent cushion.
  • Our Flat-Proof tires come in two versions - Solid Rubber and Solid Polyurethane. They both perform the same except the solid rubber may last longer on rough surfaces and the solid polyurethane has a "bounce" similar to pneumatic (inflated) tires.
  • Flat-Proof Solid Polyurethane is said to last 2 - 3 times longer than a regular rubber tire
  • 3 Wheel Utility Push Cart 11.5 cubic foot


    This item is out of stock at this time.

    The 11.5 cubic foot tub measures 51L x 29W x 19D Weight capacity is rated at 600 lbs.

    A large 11.5 cubic foot tub on a frame with two standard front wheels and a rear swivel caster wheel. Ideal for moving heavy loads such as construction materials or feeding where dumping is not required. The compact handle works well in tight spaces. Because of its perfect balance and rugged materials our sturdy Jumbo Cart is perfect for lawn and gardening. When tackling a really big job or for professional maintenance - the Jumbo Cart is the best around. A durable cart that will last for many years of frequent use. Perfect for farm, ranch, home owners, marinas, schools and many other uses.

    Product details:

  • UV-protected, heavy duty polyethylene tub
  • Corrosion resistant zinc-plated steel frame
  • Steel wheels with ball bearings for a durable cart that will last for many years of frequent use
  • For use outdoors in the garden or lawn
  • Perfectly balanced, easy to maneuver
  • Will lift more weight with much less effort than wheelbarrows and bargain carts
  • Smooth tub can be washed out easily with a hose
  • Jumbo Cart available with 8" rib, 8" knobby, 20" bicycle or 20" flat-proof wheels
  • Simple assembly
  • Made in USA

  • 3 Wheel Push Cart - 11.5 CFT
    Item # EZ-CT5Price:$299.00

    Select Color

    Select Tire Size/Style
     8inch RIB TIRE
     8inch TIRE/TUBE - add $10.00
     8inch KNOBBY TIRE - add $10.00
     20inch FLAT-PROOF SPOKE WHEEL - add $30.00
     20inch PNEUMATIC BICYCLE WHEEL - add $20.00

    3 Wheel Push Cart - 11.5 CFT:
    Gardenica > Garden Tools > Garden Carts > 3 Wheel Push Cart - 11.5 CFT

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